• This course is an introduction to world history, including global, regional, topical, and comparative studies. It provides background on the political, economic, social, and cultural foundations of societies and civilizations and provides opportunities for analysis of the development of and connections among them. The course highlights the emergence of an interactive world. Units of study are arranged chronologically from pre- history to the 750 AD/CE and include the themes of ancient civilizations, major faiths and philosophies, empires, interacting worlds, and an introduction to the first global age. Students use texts, including primary and secondary sources. The skills focus for the course includes geography (physical and cultural), economics, critical reading, research, and analytical writing.
  • This course explores world history from around 750-1750. It includes global and comparative studies and provides background in the political, economic, social and cultural foundations of societies. Topics of study include the development and transformation of empires; European State unification; political, economic and social revolutions; the development of new ideologies; the interactions among Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Students develop skills in historical thinking, geography, citizenship, economics and other social studies. The course stresses reading and interpretation, research and analytical thinking and writing.
  • Advanced Placement World History, a college-level course, is designed for students interested in studying history intensively and in-depth. Students will increase their skills and knowledge in approaching history critically and analytically. The course will cover world history chronologically from early river valley societies to the present. Students will assess and interpret primary sources, evaluate historical scholarship, weigh conflicting evidence and interpretations, and form conclusions based on their analyses. They will write extensively. The course will prepare students for the College Board Advanced Placement Exam in this subject. Students with a strong commitment to the subject and previous success in history are encouraged to enroll.
    Prerequisite: Successful completion of World History III, or America in the World, or A.P. U.S. History.